I was having regular chiropractor appointments and taking pain killers. I saw a Facebook ad for this device and it has changed my life. My back pain is gone!" - Gabriel A. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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NeckChamp™️ Back Pain Relief Device

Instantly eliminate awful chronic back pain, or your money back

The Neck Champ™ Back Pain Relief Device has helped thousands of people get their lives back by relieving their pain with just 10 minutes a day. Our product is backed by our results or refund guarantee.

  • Naturally eliminate chronic back pain and sciatica

  • Your own-in home chiropractor 

  • Corrects postural imbalances

  • Stress, anxiety & tension relieving

  • Get Your Money Back If It Doesn't Help

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Literally after 5 minutes of using this my back pain was gone. Recommended for other cubicle dwellers like me who sit on their rears all day and have lower back issues. Doubtful this is something to use for serious issues, but for the stiffness of sedentary office working that starts to pull at my back this is a godsend


25,874+ Happy Customers

Get Your Money Back If It Doesn't Hold

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  Instantly Eliminate Neck Pain,  
or Your Money Back! 

If you’re reading this, chances are you spend at least 6 hours a day stuck in front of your computer, phone or TV. 

The result? Your back is stiff, sore and painful.

  Long-term, this can lead to more serious issues like arthritis, a reliance on pain killers and in some cases, high-risk surgery.

Using the power of gravity, the Neck Champ™ Back Pain Relief Device reverses  back's natural curvature, reverses years of damage, and eliminates chronic back pain in just 10 minutes a day, or your money back.

  Get A Relieving Stretch 
 Wherever You Are!  

Live Stress-Free: Our Back Pain Relief Device uses the power of gravity to stretch, decompress and realign the spine. This increases the space between each disc in the back, relieving the strain on lumbar discs and reducing the pressure and tension on nerves. 

Fast Action:  The Neck Champ™ Back Pain Relief Device works in minutes. Why waste time to get relief? Imagine the relief of daily chiropractor and massage appointments from the comfort of home. Our Back Pain Relief Device provides instant back pain relief in just 10 minutes a day. 

Improved Lifestyle: Back pain affects different aspects of your life. With NeckChamp, you can put these issues in the rearview mirror and live a better life. In as little as two weeks: 

 - Your spine will decompress and realign 

 - Your back’s natural curvature will restore 

 - Your back will loosen up. 

Which will lead to permanent back pain relief and an overall increase in your quality of life. 

  Don't Let Lumbar Pain   

Control Your Life!

Quality Is Never An Accident: Quality Is Never An Accident: Our Back Pain Relief Device is tested against leading Back Stretchers and is designed to relieve lumbar & back pain and tension. It helps to relieve back pain, pressure on the discs and nerves, and correct sitting posture. 

100% Satisfaction: If for any reason you are not 100% happy with your Back Pain Relief Device we offer you a full refund. If you have any questions about this product or how to use it, please contact us. We will reply within 24 hours

It’s Also Used To Treat And Alleviate Back If You:-Sit hunched at a desk all day 

- Have suffered a back injury 

- Work a physically demanding job 

- Suffer from constant back pain 

Then the NeckChamp - Back Pain Relief Device has been created for you. Incredibly versatile, it doubles as the perfect lumbar support for desk work and long drives. It really is your miracle solution for instant back pain relief

Customers are obsessed...

I spend tons of money on doctors, injections, chiropractors and medications. The Back Pain Relief Device is the cheapest solution and it gives the same relief as a chiropractor. I recommend this product. Give it a chance.

Jacob A. (New Jersey)

I've been hunched at a desk job for 20 years and have constant back pain. This device is amazing to relax into after 9-10 hours sitting.

Max Dave (Miami)

I was skeptical at first but within 3 days the nerve pain from my Sciatica was gone.

Just lay on it and wait for a few moments and CRACK!I even go to the office with him.

Jack Robertz (New Jersey)

This is perfect for my back pain issues! Thank you NeckChamp for this, I can't say no more! The best purchase so far:) thanks.

Lilly Bax (Colorado)

..and raving on social media 😻

Still got questions?

Check out our FAQ or email our support team at support@neckchamp.com

Is it suitable for my height and weight?

Our Back Pain Relief Device is built for all size and shapes. The system caters for all heights without the loss of effectiveness. With its tough ABS polyurethane, it can support a weight of up to 310lbs/140kg. 

How long should I use it for?

We recommend starting with two 5 minute periods a day and building up towards a continuous 10 minute session.

I have neck pain, will this work for me?

The NeckChamp™ - Back Pain Relief Device can be moved up to the thoracic spine (upper back/neck) to combat rounded shoulders, forward head posture and relieve neck pain.

Will this help for my particular pain?

Our Back Pain Relief Device can help with back, neck and shoulder pain and has assisted customers with sciatica, spinal stenosis, spinal compression and bulging discs. It works great to stretch your back and naturally decompress your spine which relaxes your muscles and restores your natural curve.

Can I use this as a support on my office chair?

Of course! Our Back Pain Relief Device is incredibly versatile, and can be used as a lumbar support while driving or sitting at the office.

What if it doesn't work for me?

We are incredibly confident you will love the NeckChamp™ - Back Pain Relief Device, however, in the event you don't we're offering a no risk 60 day money back guarantee!